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Can Nicotine Pouches Make It Easier To Stop Smoking?

Even though smoking has become increasingly restricted over the course of the last few decades, it’s still a very common habit. Recent years in fact have seen estimations that upwards of 30 million Americans are still smoking cigarettes. And unfortunately, the habit still kills some 480,000 Americans per year. Needless to say, this remains a significant problem –– but one that can be addressed through a variety of different options.

There is some disagreement as to what the “best” way to address the problem is. We do know, per an NPR piece on reducing smoking, that there are some solutions at the societal level. The said piece quotes the president of the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids as saying that “higher taxes, protection against secondhand smoke, and hard-hitting mass media campaigns” have been effective. That may well be the case, and certainly explains the widespread reduction in smokers over the years. On a person-to-person basis, however, different people have success with a variety of methods for quitting. Including, in some cases, nicotine replacement therapy (or NRT).

NRT Products

NRT products are designed to provide users with small amounts of nicotine such that smoking cravings are addressed without the actual need to smoke. These products have been around for decades in some cases, and come in several different forms. These are including gum, patches, sprays, and lozenges . And there are some indications that as many as 10% or more of smokers who want to quit have success with them. Even beyond that encouraging number, in fact, the American Cancer Society asserts that studies have shown the use of NRT products to nearly double the chances of a person successfully quitting.

This is promising regarding the use of NRT products in general. But it may be all the more significant given that a newcomer in the NRT market looks to be on its way to establishing broader appeal than some effective but dated alternatives (like patches and lozenges). Specifically, nicotine pouches are the latest NRT products, and they’re beginning to gain widespread attention.

Nicotine Pouches

These are small, tobacco-free pouches that users lodge into their upper lips, from which point they release controlled amounts of nicotine. They are small enough to be discreet (meaning they don’t cause the lip to bulge out), easy to dispose of (they can safely be thrown into any ordinary waste bin), and can generally be used without anyone knowing. This is appealing to some who are attempting to quit smoking and would rather not have visible patches on their skin (or would prefer not to chew gum around others).

Another reason that nicotine pouches are catching on (to the tune of becoming a $5859.9 million market in 2022, according to Market Reports World) is that they come in a satisfying variety of flavors. Not many NRT products up to this point have actually been particularly enjoyable to use –– but with mint, citrus, coffee, cinnamon, and more flavors on the market, there are some who see an almost candy-like appeal in the products. Furthermore, people have the option of sampling several of these flavors at once, with the mixpacks and trialpacks at Prilla having become popular for precisely this reason.

Brands like Zyn, Melo, and Rogue offer bundles of flavors mixing up the likes of honey lemon, mango, peppermint, dragonfruit, and many more, such that users can figure out what they like without investing wholly in an untested flavor. Plus, it’s sort of fun to try them all out (particularly when they’re contrasted with the often-underwhelming flavors in nicotine gum).

There are additional benefits to these products as well. They’re exceedingly easy to carry (typically coming in small tins or packets). Their use is nowhere near as heavily restricted as that of, say, e-cigarettes or chewing tobacco. And they’ve become quite accessible, through convenience and grocery stores and online marketplaces alike. In short, they’ve rapidly established themselves as mainstream NRT products even as they’ve begun to gain favor among would-be smokers. With them, you can enjoy your little stress reliever at any moment.


Whether or not pouches specifically make it easier to stop smoking is hard to say. We do know, however, per some of the numbers cited previously, that NRT can be effective. Coupling this with the appeal and momentum of pouches, it does appear as if these relatively new products will be significant weapons against smoking habits.

We hope you’ve found this article interesting –– and helpful if you’re considering trying to quit smoking yourself.

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