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Precautions To Take When Working With Construction Equipment

Working with heavy construction equipment can be dangerous if you operate them incorrectly. Due to this, workers must take extra precautions with the machinery to ensure safety on the job site. Protect your employees by educating them on carefully navigating a construction zone with equipment and gear so as not to injure a co-worker or themselves.

Inspect and Perform Regular Maintenance on Equipment

Never operate construction machinery without properly inspecting the equipment and performing regular maintenance. Attachments, fluid levels, tires/tracks, and other components must be thoroughly reviewed before you begin working with the machine. Ignoring maintenance and inspections could cause the equipment to break down prematurely or become a safety hazard.

Follow All Load Limit Rules

Employees should never drive or utilize the equipment without proper training. Each machine will have varying load limits that you must not exceed. Ensure attachments are secure on the load, so it doesn’t move around amid transport—furthermore, do not move the equipment until you can verify that the surrounding area is free from other workers.

Mounting & Dismounting Equipment

Did you know there was a right and wrong way to get in and out of the machines? When climbing into or out of the equipment, you must have three points of contact and never carry additional gear with you. Never attempt to enter or exit a moving vehicle, as this can cause disasters and injuries.

Wear Your Seatbelt

Always, always, always wear your seatbelt, no matter what kind of motor vehicle you may be driving. In life and death situations, this advice could be what saves your life. Do not ignore this precaution when working with heavy construction equipment.

Keep Areas Clear With Signs

There may be areas where ground workers are not allowed on a construction site because much of the machinery is moving about. In this section on the job site, keep it clear by placing visible signage, so workers understand what areas are off-limits. In addition to signs, machine operators must be aware of their surroundings and ensure an employee is not near them before moving or driving equipment.

Employees must follow all safety precautions and rules to prevent injuries and mishaps on a construction site. Train these workers to use proper habits for operating equipment and performing their job duties.

Zach Kettering
Zach Kettering
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