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The Best Ways To Sterilize Your Waxing Salon

Waxing salons are busy places full of clients, and all those people coming and going bring dirt and bacteria. If you want your salon to stay clean and safe, you must ensure you’re correctly cleaning and sterilizing. Properly cleaning is one of the most essential things estheticians need to know about waxing safety. So, the best ways to sterilize your waxing salon is something your employees should know, and you should be an expert on. Keep reading to learn more.

What Sets Sterilizing Apart?

Most people associate the word sterile with a hospital environment but don’t understand how sterilizing differs from cleaning and disinfecting. Sterilizing is a synonym for sanitizing, and it means eliminating at least 99 percent of germs, bacteria, and viruses on a surface or tool. Cleaning means removing dirt from a surface or tool and disinfecting means killing most bacteria on a surface or tool. While cleaning and disinfecting are essential parts of keeping your salon safe and healthy, sterilizing is the key to making sure that a surface or tool is safe to use on a person.

Start With a Wash

Washing tools with warm soap and water is the first step of the cleaning and sterilizing process. While this mainly focuses on removing dirt and other apparent signs of uncleanliness, good anti-bacterial soaps can get you further along in the sterilizing process. You can clean larger surfaces with warm water and soap by mixing both in a spray bottle, spraying them onto the dirty surface, and wiping it clean with a clean rag. Remember that this is just the first step, and even after you’ve cleaned the service, you’re not finished yet.

Choose a Sterilization Method

Now that you’ve washed your tools and surfaces and they’re free of obvious dirt, you can move on to a sterilization method of your choice. This will depend on what you have available in your salon. The three options are using moist heat like an autoclave that will hold and sterilize the tools, chemical cleaners, or ultraviolet rays. Moist heat from a device like an autoclave will only work with equipment that can go into an autoclave; you won’t be able to use it for all your salon surfaces.

Depending on which chemical cleanser you choose, you may be able to use it on tools and surfaces alike. The same is true of ultraviolet light rays. Some people prefer small boxes of ultraviolet light that clean tools, but you can get larger ultraviolet light rays to clean surfaces as well.

You can mix and match sterilization options based on your needs; for example, use an autoclave for tools and a chemical cleaner for surfaces. Talk with your employees to find out which they’re most comfortable using.

The best ways to sterilize your waxing salon are with moist heat, chemical cleaners, or ultraviolet light rays. Whichever you choose, cleaning the tools and surfaces with warm water and soap first allows you to sterilize your surfaces and equipment better. Now that you know the difference between cleaning and sterilizing and the best options, you can keep your salon clean and safe for all your clients.

Zach Kettering
Zach Kettering
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