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6 Things To Look For When Buying Rigging Equipment

There are many different types and brands of rigging equipment out there, so finding the right ones for your business can be difficult. After all, rigging equipment isn’t cheap, and it’s a significant investment for your business. Thankfully, finding the best equipment for your business is easy if you know what to look for. Here’s what you should look for when buying rigging equipment for your business.

1. Material

The material that the rigging equipment is made from is also important to consider. Some materials, like steel, are extremely durable but can be very heavy. Other materials, like aluminum, are much lighter but not as durable. Choose a material based on your needs and preferences.

2. Cost

Finally, you need to consider the cost of the rigging equipment. Rigging equipment isn’t cheap, so you need to make sure that you’re getting a good deal on the items that you purchase. Be sure to compare prices from different sellers before making a purchase.

3. Choose Quality

Although quality lifting equipment is usually more expensive than cheaper options, it’s well worth your money. Cheap and poorly made equipment often requires more time and money in the future, whereas well-made equipment will last for years with proper maintenance. When you search for your new lifting equipment online, choose quality parts over cheaper ones. It will save you a lot of hassle and money in the future.

4. Consider the Load Limits

Every product description for rigging equipment will include the load limit. The load limit is another factor you should look for when buying rigging equipment. This limit explains how much weight the equipment can bear before breaking. For heavier objects, you should choose a high load limit, but for lighter objects, you can pick lower load limits. The choice you make depends on the objects you need to lift. And as you use the equipment, never exceed the load limit! Even if you think your equipment can exceed the load limit, doing so creates a dangerous environment for yourself and your employees. It’s better to use a different machine with a higher load limit rather than risk your safety and the safety of your crew trying to use your current equipment.

If you aren’t sure what load limit you need, take a look around your site. What items do you need to lift or move on a daily basis? It’s also helpful to ask for your crew’s input on the matter. Asking the crew and taking a look around your site will help you discover the load limits that your equipment must withstand.

5. Note the Environment

Your environment plays a huge role in choosing your equipment. For example, if your site is near salt water, you need to choose materials that can withstand this corrosive environment. Or if your site becomes swelteringly hot during the summertime, you should take that into consideration as well. The best type of equipment for your business will vary depending on your location and surroundings. Keep in mind that routine maintenance on your equipment can also reduce any negative effects on the environment as well, so remember to schedule regular maintenance after you purchase your equipment.

6. Read the Reviews

Reviews are one of the best ways to learn how a product helps others. Before you purchase any rigging equipment from a company, take a cursory look at the reviews. Of course, if all the reviews are negative, then that equipment is probably not the best for your business. However, if many buyers leave glowing and positive reviews, then chances are that the equipment is a great investment. And if you have any questions about a piece of equipment, don’t wait until after you purchase it to ask the supplier. Always ask questions before you purchase to ensure that the equipment is the right fit for your business and that your workers can be safe.

Rigging Equipment List

1. Wire rope slings

Wire rope slings are one of the most popular and versatile rigging tools. They’re made of multiple strands of wire that are twisted together. These slings are incredibly strong and can be used in a number of different ways.

2. Chain slings

Chain slings are also popular rigging tools. They’re made of metal chains that are connected together. These chains can be shorter or longer, depending on your needs.

3. Synthetic webbing slings

Synthetic webbing slings are made of strong and durable fabric. These slings are often used for lighter loads because they don’t add too much weight to the load.

4. Metal mesh slings

Metal mesh slings are made of metal wires that are woven together. These slings are incredibly strong and can support heavy loads.

5. Fiber rope slings

Fiber rope slings are made of natural or synthetic fibers that are twisted together. These slings are often used for lighter loads because they’re not as heavy as other types of rigging tools.

6. Lifting beams

Lifting beams are horizontal bars that are used to support loads. These beams are attached to other rigging tools, like slings, to help lift and move the load.

7. Spreader bars

Spreader bars are also horizontal bars, but they’re designed to keep loads apart. These bars are often used to transport long or wide loads that can’t be moved with a lifting beam.

8. Gantry cranes

Gantry cranes are large and heavy-duty machines that are used to lift very large and heavy loads. These cranes often have an electric motor that helps move the load.

9. Jib cranes

Jib cranes are similar to gantry cranes, but they’re smaller and lighter. These cranes are often used to lift loads that are too heavy for a lifting beam or spreader bar.

10. Hoists

Hoists are machines that are used to lift and lower loads. These machines can be electric or manual, and they’re often used in conjunction with other rigging tools.


These are the most important factors to look for when purchasing rigging equipment for your business. Keep these in mind as you shop around, and you’re sure to find the perfect pieces of equipment for your needs. And once you have the right equipment, be sure to properly maintain it so that it lasts for years to come. After all, rigging equipment isn’t cheap, and it’s a significant investment for your business.

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