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Top 9 Avatar Creator Apps

Having an avatar of yourself is quite an interesting thing and it is becoming severely more and more popular and used by the day. Other than the fun aspect of it they can also be used as profile pictures on social media and similar apps. And with the advent of the Metaverse and the importance of avatars in today’s world, let’s talk about the best avatar makers on the web!

The task of getting your avatar is pretty simple even though the concept itself may sound complicated, but pretty much no knowledge of art is required to get your very own avatar.

Below you’ll be able to find a list of avatar creators that we think are the best websites for creating your own avatar with as little hassle as possible:

1. Avatarmaker

One of the simplest and quickest to use, Avatarmaker provides you with all of the features you would need in one place, simplifying the process as much as possible and allowing you to customize the avatar in a short time. After creating your avatar you can download it in the standard profile picture dimensions for most sites.

2. Face Your Manga

Face your manga is amongst the most popular Avatar creators and is widely used. It allows you to create a cartoonish-drawn version of yourself and either make use of the default templates to speed the process up or go into the finer details and customize a large array of options.

3. Cartoonify

Quite similar to Avatarmaker and featuring a very responsive interface that quickly loads any changes, we believe that Cartoonify is a no-brainer to include on the list due to both its speed and ease of use. It also allows you to get slightly higher resolution photos.

4. Bitmoji

Bitmoji is an incredibly popular option that allows you not only to create a cartoon avatar of yourself with very little fuss, it also to create many stickers that you can use to better express emotions via text/social media or simply to just goof around and have fun with them. Considering it is the most popular option on the play store it has a seal of approval not only from us but also from a massive number of people.

5. Mega Anime Avatar Creator

Stepping away from the manga-esque art style of some of the previous ones and moving onto an anime-like avatar creator. The main downside is having to capture the screen to get your avatar as you can’t directly download it, however, this downside shouldn’t be too big of an issue. Alongside its quite large number of customization features, we believe it’s certainly worth exploring if you’re looking for an avatar with a more anime style than the others.

6. Doppelme

Depending on what you think of the art style this one can be a bit hit or miss but it certainly deserves inclusion on the list both because of the unique art style and also the customization options it provides the user. The site also has group and friend features which helps it additionally stand out in the crowd of similar apps and provides a unique experience.

7. Avatoon

Simply take a photo of yourself and customize your avatar with an absolutely massive amount of clothes and different customization options. It can’t be understated how many options you have here. Another perk of it is that it allows you to create stickers with your avatar similar to bitmoji which is certainly a big plus and adds to the customizability and how lifelike some of your creations can be.

8. Marvel’s Make Your Superhero Avatar

in terms of how unique the options provided by the apps are this one certainly takes the cake. The main draw and distinguishing feature of this avatar maker is the fact that instead of making avatars of yourself or friends you do it with your favorite Marvel characters instead. While you may be searching for an app to make an avatar of yourself we believe this one is still worth checking out just because of how different it is.


With a large number of registered users, this app not only allows you to create your avatar but also to interact with other users, be it your friends or strangers online. With an astonishing amount of items including brands such as Nike the possibilities for expressing yourself are pretty much endless.

Avatars Creation FAQ

1. How do I download my avatar?

Most sites have the standard profile picture dimensions, so your avatar will likely be in one of these formats:

  • Twitter: 400×400 px
  • Facebook: Profile picture is 160x160px
  • LinkedIn: Profile picture is 400x400px
  • Tumblr: 128x128px

If you’re not sure, you can typically just right-click on the image and select “save as.”

2. Can I use my avatar on different social media platforms?

Yes! Your avatar will work on all the same platforms as your profile picture.

3. How do I make my avatar look like me?

Most of the apps allow you to take a picture of yourself or use your webcam to create an avatar that looks just like you.

4. What types of avatars are there?

There are a variety of avatars, but the most common type is a cartoon avatar. These avatars are typically based on your likeness and can be customized with different clothes, accessories, and hairstyles. You can also find Marvel and anime-inspired avatars.

5. What’s the best avatar app?

There is no one “best” avatar app, but each app has its own unique features that make it worth trying. If you’re looking for a manga-inspired avatar, try Mega Anime Avatar Creator. So maybe you need to make something more special and if you want to create an avatar of yourself or your friends, try Doppelme or Aviation. If you’re a Marvel fan, try Marvel’s Make Your Superhero Avatar. And if you’re looking for a wide variety of avatars and customization options, try ZEPETO.

6. What are the dimensions of an avatar?

As mentioned before, most social media sites use a profile picture size of 160x160px or 400x400px. However, some sites use different dimensions so it’s best to check the specific site’s requirements.

7. How do I make my avatar look like a cartoon?

Most of the apps allow you to customize your avatar’s features, clothes, and accessories. However, some apps have more cartoon-like features than others. If you want an avatar with exaggerated features, try Avatar Maker Cartoon or Fatify.

8. My avatar doesn’t look like me! What do I do?

Don’t worry! All of the apps have settings that allow you to adjust your avatar’s features so that it looks just like you. You can also try different hairstyles, clothes, and accessories to find the perfect look for you.

9. Can I use my avatar on other websites?

Yes! Your avatar will work on all the same websites as your profile picture.

10. I lost my avatar! What do I do?

If you lose your avatar, you can typically just redownload it from the app or website where you created it. However, if you cannot find your avatar, contact the app or web site’s customer service for help.

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