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Ways To Extend the Life Expectancy of a Diesel Generator

Diesel generators are some of the largest investments you can make for your facility. They play critical roles by providing backup or standby power in the case of some emergencies. They can also serve as the main power source for others.

These power units are invaluable across countless industries for everyday operations. Given their importance, ensuring that your equipment runs optimally for as long as necessary is a priority.

To maximize the return on investment, you should follow best practices for repairing or upgrading generators so that the life expectancy remains as high as possible. In this article, you’ll learn five ways to extend the life expectancy of your diesel generator.

Maintaining Oil Levels

Diesel generators have several moving parts that become damaged over time due to friction and pressure, resulting in a lower industrial generator life expectancy. Maintaining your oil levels within your generator allows it to function properly by ensuring all moving pieces maintain adequate lubrication, reducing unnecessary friction.

Consider using quality oil to reduce corrosion that may occur. Remember to check your oil levels regularly, as low amounts may cause your generator to completely shut down.

You can measure levels using a dipstick, which you can pull out during inspection to check for low, dirty fluid that requires changing.

Conducting Load Bank Tests

You can conduct a load bank tests to verify that all electrical connections are running smoothly and as intended. There are several other purposes for load bank tests, but the main purpose is to make sure your system can handle the necessary levels of pressure and generated heat.

Load bank tests can often provide technicians with a diagnostic that shows which components of the generator are lacking or may need complete replacements. When you do these tests early and often, you can use them as preventative measures for any other technical complications that occur over time.

Refer to Manufacturer Instructions

Similar to a truck carrying heavy loads, your diesel generator has its own limitations. When it comes to making the most of your investment, you’ll want to refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for your equipment.

Using the manual as a reference can provide guidance on load size, fuel type, power frequency, and best installation practices. You can take the best possible care of your generator this way. By skipping the manufacturer instructions for any of these areas, you risk damaging your generator and lowering its life expectancy.

Performing Preventative Maintenance

Another trick to extend your equipment’s service life is to perform routine maintenance to ensure all working components operate properly. It helps to inspect oil and coolant levels weekly and have a professional conduct a detailed assessment.

Sheltering Your Generator

For your diesel power unit to operate at its best, you’ll want to shelter it in a safe area that prevents dirt, grime, and water from seeping into it. This means you’ll want to avoid placing the generator by windows, doors, air vents, and anywhere prone to fires.

While it can be a lengthy process, extending your diesel generator’s life expectancy can save you time, money, and stress from not having a reliable backup power source. These methods may also serve as preventative maintenance measures that enhance your equipment’s efficiency during operation.

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Zach Kettering
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