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Why More People Are Living a Full-Time RV Life

“Normal” has lost its meaning now more than ever in the current year! Having a 200 square feet house with two bedrooms may be the American Dream of the last century, but today more and more families decide for a nomad life!

The Washington Post reports that more than one million Americans live in RV’s, and most of them say that this life is more enjoyable and happier for them. Some may be driven to this type of life involuntarily, but many are choosing it for various reasons!

More and more people are choosing to live a full-time RV life. There are many reasons for this, but some of the most common reasons include wanting to explore new places, wanting to simplify their lives, reducing stress and wanting to save money.

People who live a full-time RV life often enjoy the freedom it provides. They can go wherever they want, whenever they want. This can be a great way to see new places and explore different parts of the country. Living in an RV also allows people to simplify their lives. There is less clutter and fewer possessions to worry about. This can be really helpful for people who are looking to downsize or get rid of excess stuff.

The Benefits Of RV Life

The benefits include that with a mobile life you can have the background view that you want, be it a mountain or a beach vista! Many reports that this life can be less expensive, and the experience gathered through all this and all the things you learn while going out of your comfort zone are irreplaceable. Be it that you want to transition to a full-time RV life or take some time off and travel the country, it is possible.

The digital or healthy nomad life is achievable by anyone, but it does require some careful preparation. A transition to a minimal lifestyle is needed, but all nomads say that this is not that hard and only natural! Simplifying one’s life takes dedication and will include everything from the decision that you want that life, letting go of some things, and changing your daily habits.

Finding A Job On The Go

Finding a job could seem a bit hard. Still, with the help of many Facebook groups or communities, finding seasonal jobs on groups like Workampers or the community Escapees RV Club can prove very beneficial. In communities like this, you can get insider information on discounts, good locations to live, and where you could go to earn money! Word of mouth can also be essential, and big companies like Amazon will have specifically made programs for nomads where they could help during peak times.

Many positive aspects are there for those who want to try this lifestyle. No utility bills are positive, and nomads report that the RV will pay itself off in a year or even faster when you take in that you are not paying rent and bills. The ability to live anywhere and just move if you don’t like the current scenery or weather is a possibility. You can literally live anywhere!

Still, in all this, many suggest that you need to be ready in every way! Practice runs are essential to be sure that you can handle all the situations that the road can throw at you. Also, going solo can be much harder and straining, so having a partner or choosing this lifestyle with a loved one is always easier. Insurance, if you can afford it, can be critical if bad things arise. Having your RV insured and basic medical care are must-haves. There are even specific insurance policies for RV’rs.

A Plan Is Very Important

Having a laid-out plan, preparing well, and reading online resources where you can learn about other people’s experiences and the latest gears you can use for camping is essential. Creating a vision board of the places that you would like to go to, on how you would like to spend your time, and perhaps what people you would like to meet is also vital.

Maybe this more active, not bound by anything life is perfect for you. The timing certainly helps as many jobs are possible to do remotely and with the current, but also emerging technology; this nomadic life will be more accessible as the whole world gets closer and more interconnected.

Living in an RV is a wonderful way to discover new areas and see parts of the nation. RV dwelling also helps people to simplify their lives. There are fewer distractions, making it easier to focus on only what they want. This can be quite beneficial for those who are downsizing or need to declutter their homes. If you are considering an RV as your home, it is important to think about the pros and cons of this type of housing. Also, be sure to consult with an RV dealer or another expert to make sure that you purchase the right type of RV for your needs.

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