Sell Weird Stuff Online: A Guide to Profiting from the Unusual and Bizarre


Are you intrigued by the idea of selling weird stuff online? If so, you’re not alone. The internet is a treasure trove for those looking to turn the unusual and bizarre into profit. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore some of the most unconventional items that you can sell online. From bath water to vintage video games, there’s a market for almost everything. We’ll delve into the specifics of these unique items, including potential marketplaces and tips for successful sales.

1. Bath Water

Perhaps one of the weirdest items to gain popularity is bath water. Originally popularized by internet celebrities, this odd commodity has found a niche market. If you’re considering selling weird stuff online like bath water, platforms like Etsy or your personal website could be ideal. Packaging and branding play a crucial role in this market, as buyers are often attracted to the novelty and uniqueness of the product. Safety and hygiene are paramount, so ensure your product meets all health standards.

Expanding on this, it’s important to highlight the uniqueness of bath water as a product. Some sellers go the extra mile by adding natural scents or minerals to enhance their appeal. Building a brand around this unusual product can help establish trust with your customers, and marketing it as a limited edition or collectible can drive demand. Additionally, consider offering customization options, such as adding a personal touch like a handwritten thank-you note with each purchase.

2. Used Socks and Panties

The market for used socks and panties is surprisingly vast. When planning to sell weird stuff online in this category, privacy and discretion are key. Websites like Snifffr and Sofia Gray offer a platform where these items can be sold anonymously. To succeed, sellers often cater to specific requests regarding wear time and conditions. Ensure you understand the legalities and platform rules before diving in.

Sellers in this niche often build a loyal customer base through personalized interactions and attention to detail. Providing clear and enticing product descriptions, along with high-quality images, can help attract potential buyers. Maintaining a high level of professionalism and discretion is essential in this unique market. Consider offering discreet packaging options to ensure customer privacy and satisfaction.

3. Breastmilk

Breastmilk is another unconventional item that you can sell online. Platforms like Only The Breast cater to parents looking for natural feeding options, while some fetish communities also show interest. When choosing to sell weird stuff online like breastmilk, it’s crucial to follow health guidelines to ensure the safety of your product. The key is transparency about storage and handling practices.

In this niche, trust is paramount. Sellers should focus on providing detailed information about their breastmilk, including its source and handling procedures. Transparent communication with potential buyers can help establish credibility and reassure concerned parents or individuals. Building a network of repeat customers and positive reviews is essential for success in this unique market. The Guardian has even a piece on it.

4. Air from Famous Locations

Selling bottled air from famous locations might sound bizarre, but it’s a real niche. Ideal for souvenir collectors or those seeking a piece of their favorite place, this market thrives on platforms like eBay. If you decide to sell weird stuff online such as bottled air, focus on the storytelling aspect and authenticity of your product. Creative packaging and verifiable sourcing can make your offer stand out.

Expanding on this, the emotional connection between customers and the places they cherish is what drives sales in this market. Sellers can enhance the storytelling aspect by sharing anecdotes, historical facts, or personal experiences related to the location where the air was captured. Providing certificates of authenticity and using eco-friendly packaging can also appeal to environmentally conscious buyers. Building a strong online presence with engaging content about the locations can help create a dedicated customer base.

5. Custom Potato Messages

Quirky and fun, custom potato messages have become a hit. If you’re looking to sell weird stuff online, this could be a surprisingly lucrative avenue. Use platforms like Etsy or your own social media to showcase and sell these novel message carriers. Success in this market relies on your creativity and the ability to cater to personalized requests.

Expanding on this, the custom potato message market thrives on creativity and personalization. Sellers can offer a wide range of customization options, from hand-painted designs and humorous messages to artistic illustrations. Consider providing choices for potato size and type to meet various customer preferences. Building a strong online presence through social media can help showcase your unique creations and attract customers interested in sending memorable and unconventional gifts.

6. Ghost Hunting Equipment

For the paranormal enthusiasts, ghost hunting equipment is a niche but profitable market. To sell weird stuff online like EMF meters or spirit boxes, platforms like eBay or specialized paranormal gear websites are ideal. Knowledge about the equipment and its use is crucial to build credibility and trust with your buyers.

In the world of ghost hunting equipment, expertise matters. Sellers should invest time in acquiring in-depth knowledge about the equipment they offer, including its features, functionality, and real-world applications. Providing educational resources, such as guides on how to use the equipment effectively, can attract both novice and experienced paranormal investigators. Additionally, engaging with the paranormal community through forums, social media, and online events can help establish authority and foster trust among potential customers.

7. Feet Pictures

The market for feet pictures is vast and varied. If you’re interested in selling weird stuff online in this realm, websites like Instafeet and FeetFinder are dedicated platforms for this purpose. Understanding the preferences of your target audience is key, whether they favor a natural look or more manicured appearance. But according to business is booming!

Expanding on this, catering to the diverse preferences of foot picture buyers is crucial. Some customers may seek natural, unaltered images, while others may prefer beautifully manicured feet in various styles.  Sellers can increase their success by offering a variety of foot-related content, such as custom photos, videos, or even live sessions. Building a strong and authentic online presence on dedicated platforms is essential for attracting and retaining a dedicated following.

8. Weird Plants and Seeds:

Rare plants and exotic seeds have a dedicated following. Marketplaces like Etsy or specialized gardening forums are perfect for those looking to sell weird stuff online in the horticultural space. Knowledge about the plants, proper packaging for shipping, and an understanding of any import/export restrictions are crucial.

In the world of weird plants and seeds, expertise and authenticity are highly valued. Sellers should not only offer rare and unique botanical specimens but also provide comprehensive information about care, growth conditions, and any legal considerations related to the plants and seeds. Building a reputation for providing healthy and thriving plants or seeds can lead to repeat business and positive reviews within the gardening community.

9. Handwritten Letters and Journals:

There’s a romantic and historical appeal to handwritten letters and journals. Platforms like eBay or Etsy are great to sell weird stuff online like these. The value often lies in the age, content, and condition of the items. Provenance can significantly enhance the worth, so providing a backstory is beneficial.

Expanding on this, handwritten letters and journals on Etsy offer a glimpse into the past and can hold sentimental value for collectors. Sellers can enhance the appeal of these items by providing historical context, sharing intriguing stories about the authors, or even offering customization options, such as transcribing handwritten text for easier readability. Creating listings that highlight the uniqueness and emotional value of each piece can attract collectors and history enthusiasts.

10. Dream Catchers Made with Unique Materials:

Dream catchers, especially those made from unique materials, are popular in the online handmade market. To sell weird stuff online like these, platforms like Etsy, or crafting communities are ideal. Your success will depend on your ability to create unique designs that resonate with customers seeking one-of-a-kind home decor.

Expanding on this, the world of dream catchers allows for endless creativity. Sellers can experiment with various materials, such as feathers, gemstones, or even recycled materials, to craft one-of-a-kind dream catchers. Emphasizing the handmade and sustainable aspects of these creations can attract environmentally conscious buyers. Engaging with crafting communities and sharing the creative process through photos and videos can help build a dedicated customer base interested in unique and artistic home decor pieces.


The online marketplace provides endless opportunities to sell weird stuff online. Each of these unconventional items has its own set of challenges and rewards. Understanding your market, maintaining a high standard of quality, and finding the right platform are key to turning the bizarre into profit. Happy selling!

FAQs Answered

What can I sell online that’s considered weird?

Popular weird items to sell online include celebrity bath water, used socks and panties, bottled air from famous places, custom potato messages, and ghost hunting equipment.

Yes, it’s generally legal, but you must follow platform rules and health regulations. Privacy is key for personal items.

Where can I sell odd items online?

Platforms vary by item: Etsy for handmade or unique items, eBay for vintage or niche products, and specific sites for more unique items.

How do I set prices for weird items online?

Price is based on market research, cost of materials, time, and uniqueness. Each item’s price varies.

What are the challenges in selling weird items online?

Challenges include finding the right market, pricing correctly, ensuring legality, and meeting customer expectations.

Can selling weirditems online be a full-time job?

It’s possible, depending on your niche, marketing, and the uniqueness of your items. Success requires dedication.

How should I market weird items online?

Market using social media, engaging with niche communities, creating compelling descriptions, and offering excellent customer service.

Are there ethical concerns with selling weird items online?

Yes, consider ethics, privacy rights, and health and safety standards, especially for items like breastmilk.

What payment methods should I accept for weird items?

Offer a variety of payment methods including credit cards, PayPal, and possibly cryptocurrency, ensuring secure processing.

How do I handle shipping for odd items?

Use proper packaging, consider insurance for valuable items, and be transparent about shipping costs and times.

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